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Bi Gu – cosmic nutrition

Have you seen the documentary film “In the Beginning There Was Light” (Am Anfang war das Licht) by Austrian director P.A. Straubinger? Through this film the phenomenon Bi-Gu has become known to a broader audience. In many cultures there are examples of people who often live for years with very little or no food. In Tian Gong even beginners can reach the Bi-Gu-state from one day to another.

What is Bi Gu?

Bi Gu is a several thousand years old Chinese method which allows a change of diet, so that one will be able to live wholly or partly on cosmic energy and to correspondingly renounce earthly food. Bi Gu can be practiced phase wise as well as continuously. Bi Gu Fu Qi, so the complete term, simultaneously is a special competence as well as a state. Literally translated Bi Gu means: “Renunciation of grain, except for Qi.”
In Chinese culture, Bi Gu Qi Gong has been practiced for thousands of years. Several schools have developed special Qi Gong practices to achieve this capability. Nevertheless, in today’s China there are only a very few people living in the state of Bi Gu. The main reason is that the ability to cosmic diet was traditionally very difficult to achieve. Often it took several decades of intensive practice. The phenomenon Bi Gu is also known under different terms outside China. The Indian yogi are practicing prana nourishment, in the Western spiritual world it is often spoken of  light-nourishment and within the Western Christian traditions, there have been people who have lived for years without any food and drink.

Bi Gu in Tian Gong

In the 1980s Tian Gong’s founder Letian Shi Fu has begun to pass the Bi Gu information down to his students on using a special energy transmission - with surprising results.
The practitioners have not only experienced a very high degree of Bi Gu, but simultaneously Bi Gu has also accelerated the physical healing processes as well as the development of mental abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and energy breathing.
This was also the case with Tian Gong Master Tianying, one of Letian’s first students and founder of the Tian Gong Institute in Berlin. She has been cured from her severe liver disease by Bi Gu and within the subsequent period, she developed a series of remarkable Qi Gong skills. Since December 1993, she lives in the state of Bi Gu.

What is the purpose of Bi Gu Gong?

Detoxification and Healing
This exercise or capacity initially serves to cleaning the body. The extraordinary relief of the digestive system gives the body the opportunity to purify deeply and lasting from debris and toxins from our environment or food, from drugs and even from negative thoughts and feelings. Therefore Bi Gu is also a brilliant method as well as an effective way to healing chronic diseases on each level of life.

Developing the soul
By omitting material food, the energy level of the organism can be increased quickly and permanently. The connection with the universe is amplified, since the energy field of the human body and the energy field of the earth and the universe get in better resonance.
The spiritual part of our soul awakens and develops. In our modern times the dependence on the material world has become a huge burden for the human soul. Bi Gu reduces the worldly needs whereas the divine in us - our immortal potential (Xian Qi) -  is multiplied and supernatural abilities are developed. Bi Gu is thus not a goal in itself but a means to open up the profound potential of people with Qi Gong.

Aiding the earth
The earth suffers from exploitation and destruction by humans. Our excessive needs are one major reason for the increasing environmental problems. We relieve our earth, if we take less from it. Bi Gu is therefore an important contribution to preserve the earth's resources.
The conversion to a vegetarian diet following a Bi Gu experience is done quite easily and naturally. People in Bi Gu state become more sensitive, the heart continues to open, the connection to nature and the universe becomes stronger.

What reactions may occur in the Bi Gu state?

In the initial period you may experience more detoxification symptoms that will disappear after a certain period of time. But also the positive effects of Bi Gu will appear immediately.


  • Signs of detoxification: 1. diarrhoea (without feeling weak), 2. occlusion (rare)
  • People in a good state of Bi Gu may feel sick at the sight of food. In the initial phase, it may come to noise or movement in the stomach at the usual meal times.
  • flatulence
  • First aggravations: at the beginning of the Bi Gu experience, you may feel tired which is a clear indication of detoxification. In this phase there may be a noticeable weight loss, even up to underweight. Also, this is a profound detoxification impact.
  • After a Bi Gu transmission, people with a stomach-spleen Qi weakness may feel significantly more hungry than usual during the initial phase. This is related to a regulation along the digestive system and is used for healing.

How do I get Bi Gu ?

The transmission of Bi Gu in Tiangong happens within a few minutes and requires no special knowledge or training. Participants find that they can omit food or drink without pressure or strain. It is important to please with an open heart for all people who need Bi Gu, and let go of all expectations of success. The more one's own desires retreat into the background, and the gratitude and good wishes to everyone else will grow, the more easily the Bi Gu information may be received. People who live in the Bi Gu state feel strong and fit, are cheerful and happy in mind. Since for many people it is not possible to come to Berlin, a transmission of these events is available via Internet. The Bi Gu energy can also be received via a CD containing songs of energy sung by the Tian Gong masters. 

The four Bi Gu stages in Tian Gong


  1. In absolute Bi Gu state, it is not necessary to eat, even if only for a limited time.
  2. At the intermediate level you need for example a banana or an apple a day.
  3. At the most basic stage you need for each meal a little fruit, vegetables or nuts.
  4. People with stomach-spleen weakness may experience an increase in appetite. This is a regulation of the digestive system.

Points to be considered in the state of Bi Gu


Prior to the first Bi-Gu transfer you should be made <<familiar with the basic knowledge about Bi Gu Gong. It is important to remain completely natural and to force nothing; neither to get Bi Gu, nor to keep it. It is not possible to obtain Bi Gu by will and not even if one wishes Bi Gu only for himself, but only through openhearted pleas for everyone.
Bi Gu is a wonderful gift, a grace that you can not just make yourself, but is given to us.
Participants who once have received the Bi Gu experience discover that they can abstain - partly or entirely – from food and drink without any pressure or effort.

The following applies:

  • Who does not feel hungry or thirsty while physically and mentally fit, does not need to eat or drink.
  • Who feels less hungry or thirsty or feels weak, should eat and drink a little.
  • The amount of food the practitioners ingest will be adjusted to the natural hunger or thirst.
  • Bi Gu is essentially distinct from fasting, because while fasting one renounces food despite of hunger
  • People, who experience frequent bouts of diarrhea as a detoxification response, should correspondingly take more beverages and act appropriately to this situation.
  • In certain situations, e.g. if excessive weight loss and underweight occur during the initial phase, the Bi Gu state may be interrupted temporarily.


2.Duration of Bi Gu – let come what comes and let go of what goes…

Not being attached to things and remain natural will be the most helpful attitude in handling all Qi Gong phenomena. The progress of a Bi Gu phase depends on one’s own inner stability, the quality of one’s own exercises, the state of health, the emotions, the daily workload, the social context and living environment. In Bi Gu state, these factors should be preferably balanced. To strengthen Bi Gu it will be helpful to regularly practise the acquired Tian Gong exercises. If productive efficiency decreases and fatigue or physical weakness become apparent, this will be a sign that the condition of Bi Gu subsides or continues on a lower level. It is important to appreciate even this lower state with gratitude and take a little food, such as some fruit or vegetable snack. Some Tian Gong practitioners will only eat when they get hungry or feel weak. Or they eat a little with each meal, but much less than before – for example a small bowl of clear vegetable soup, a small salad, a piece of fruit or some nuts. People in a partial Bi Gu state can take the food, depending on their own physical condition, which they think is appropriate. Bi Gu usually occurs phase-wise, for several days, weeks, sometimes for several months or even years. Bi Gu is a great gift to people as well as to our earth. Even short phases of Bi Gu will help saving the earth and will be a noticeable relief to it!


It is important to take Bi Gu’s energy gratefully and hold it in respect as long as it stays with us. Gratitude and the awareness of the uniqueness of this gift will increase the impact of Bi Gu. Likewise, confidence in the highly energetic Bi Gu-information is essential. With confidence and a feeling of deep gratitude for this cosmic gift, it is possible to remain in this state for a lifetime. Maybe this does not happen on the first try, and certainly not to everyone. But even to stay vegetarian is much easier after a Bi Gu experience.

4.Temperance and weaning

Those who have received the Bi Gu information, find it much easier to give up many things. With a recovery from addictions there will be no withdrawal symptoms. After a Bi Gu transmission you should thus try by own doing to omit especially meat and fish, grains and dairy products as well as stimulants like alcohol, tobacco, coffee, candy, and so on.
It is a phase that calls to learn about the real needs of your body and to develop resistance forces against the everyday temptations of food and stimulants. After a Bi Gu phase, it is advisable to maintain a prudent approach to eating and to pay attention, e.g. to the natural feeling of fullness. The same applies to the reduction of other needs. Being moderate in all things! (In Chinese it says “Fire and Time”, that is intensity and duration of an effort should be balanced in each and every activity). Recommended are three or four of these detoxification periods a year – best in Bi Gu state.

Bi Gu Onlineübertragung

Die Bi Gu-Übertragung ist Teil der „Meditation für die Erde und Frieden auf der Welt“, jeden 1. Mittwoch im Monat, auch LIVE zu erleben, 19.00-20.15 Uhr (siehe Onlinekurse)

Wirkungen im Bi-Gu-Zustand

  • Leichtigkeit, heitere Stimmung, innere Freude
  • Fitness und Kraft
  • leichteres Körpergefühl
  • klare Gedanken und bessere Konzentrationsfähigkeit
  • Stärkung der Herzkraft und Gedankenkraft
  • Förderung der Langlebigkeit
  • tiefere Verbindung mit dem Universum
  • verborgene Fähigkeit und Weisheit können erschlossen werden.

Woran ist es zu erkennen, ob man die Bi Gu-Energie erhalten hat?

  • Sättigungsgefühl
  • Ich habe keinen Hunger.
  • Wärmegefühl im Magen
  • körperlich und seelisch fit sein (wach, kräftig, gute Laune und Stimmung, bessere Leistung)

DVD-Empfehlung »Am Anfang war das Licht«

Für alle, die es nicht in Kinos geschafft haben: der wirklich sehenswerte Film von P. A. Straubinger über das Phänomen der Lichtnahrung, bei dem auch Meisterin Tianying über Bi Gu spricht.

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