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External souls – a widespread problem

Here you will find a way to free yourself of inexplicable and elusive symptoms with which the mainstream medicine is generally at a loss. With the presence of foreign (external) souls many individuals have the feeling that something is wrong with them.

Because of their special abilities the Tian Gong masters discovered that an unexpectedly high proportion of diseases trace back to energetic interferences caused by the presence of external souls. These are in many cases souls of deceased humans, animals and plants, which remain with people for a number of different reasons. Such attachment may, among other things, cause lack of energy, wandering pains, depression, inexplicable fatigue, severe anxiety or sudden changes in behaviour. In this course the Tian Gong masters communicate with these external souls and initiate a separation process based on love and compassion. When the participants forgive from heart and send love to the external souls, this creates a very strong and positive energy field that helps both the external souls and the participants letting go. Even chronic and incurable diseases can be cured after the departure of external souls.
At the end of the course many participants may feel already that they are much more “they themselves”.

What are external souls?
In our world of three dimensions in which humans, animals, and plants dwell during their lifetime, the psychological body and the soul are invisible. The Chinese philosophy illustrates this by using the concepts of Yin and Yang. Yin is invisible. Yang is visible. The physical body is called a Yang-body and the soul is called a Yin-body. Like our physical body, the mental body also has energy.

In life body and soul build an indivisible unit. The soul is energetically nourished by the body and vice versa. After death the soul abandons the body and lives on as an invisible energy-body.  This means that the Yang-life, which took place in three dimensional spaces, transforms into a Yin-life, which takes place in either the same or another dimension.

Souls which go neither into the higher nor lower of the dimensions, which are neither reborn nor have received another home; remain bound to the Yang-world of our third dimension.  Here they become homeless, strolling souls, negative energy-bodies. These homeless souls are Yin-beings; their energetic quality is this of cold. Living humans are Yang-beings with warm energy. Even without a physical body the homeless souls are nevertheless living things which have thoughts and emotions and who do need a home. Therefore they are looking for a place to stay. This is often an energetically weakened body of a living person, because they – like we do – need energy in order to exist further. When the soul “settles” in a human, in Tian Gong it is called a “foreign soul”.

Once the external soul comes into contact with people and approaches them, it will cause interferences and it may weaken people and make them sick. The interferences are, inter alia, caused by the souls tapping into the energy resources of the living. From the perspective of the Qi Gong knowledge, they mainly feed upon the kidney energy of those involved. The kidneys store the essence of life. This is the energy external souls need and so they quasi avail themselves of the living. Therefore an occupation by a external soul and kidney-Qi weakness often show identical symptoms.

Why do souls remain on earth after the death of the physical body?

The majority of souls will be reborn as a human, animal or plant in our world. These are the processes that we understand ordinarily as reincarnation or rebirth.

The normal procedure is that the soul, after a certain time in the other dimension, experiences a rebirth. However, there are many souls which do not have enough energy to be reborn after the death of the body. It can also be souls who need help or do not know where they should go.

The reasons for this are very complex. One of the most frequent reasons is that people have died tragically, for example:

By suicide
In a natural catastrophe
Drowned, starved, frozen to death
By a miscarriage or abortion
In war or by violent crime
From a sudden accident or in a road accident
Died in shock
With strong negative emotions, such as hatred, fear or guilt
Without being able to forgive or let go
In great loneliness

Very often, however, there are also strong emotional bonds which tie them to the bereaved, whether love or hate, desire or envy, sorrow or revenge, or it is an “open account” – literally or figuratively.

But also animal and plant souls may remain on earth. In most cases these are those souls who were killed unrightfully.

When and by what an information-disease will arise?

1. For example there was a house built on a cemetery or a theatre of war (battle-field). The cause lies in a bad Feng Shui.
2. Animals were killed or deceased pets were buried in the garden.
3. Family members have inflicted harm upon others and this negative information is passed from one generation to the next. In most cases those who are energetically the weakest will be occupied
4. Through unfortunate circumstances a person meets psychic information in nature.
5. Qi weakness (after a longer illness) or general weakness (energetic weakness from birth)
6. Mental instability, e.g. after a breakup or the death of a close person
7. People with predominantly negative energy, such as greed and hatred

Wir spenden die Einnahmen

Wussten Sie bereits, dass alle Einnahmen von diesem Kurs "Regulierung von Fremdseelen" gespendet werden? Um den großen energetischen Erfolg zu gewährleisten, ist Tian Gong vom universellen Gesetz (Dao) aufgefordert keine Einnahmen für sich zu behalten. Unterstützt werden unterschiedliche Hilfsprojekte. Näheres finden Sie unter der Rubrik »Wir spenden«.

Folgende Symptome können auf eine Störung durch Fremdseelen hinweisen:

  • Energiemangel, große Erschöpfung
  • Kältegefühl, Empfindungsstörungen
  • unklare, wandernde Schmerzen
  • Depressionen, Suizidgedanken
  • diffuse Ängste, Panikattacken
  • Schlafstörungen, Alpträume
  • Blässe, auffallende Veränderungdes Gesichtsausdrucks
  • plötzliche Verhaltensänderungen

Buchempfehlung „In die Welt der Seele schauen“

Um ihre Erfahrungen mit den speziellen Tian-Gong-Methoden bekannt zu machen, hat Meisterin Tianying das Buch »In die Welt der Seele schauen« geschrieben. Dieses Buch empfehlen wir jedem, der Interesse hat oder selbst Betroffen ist, zur theoretischen Vorbereitung auf die eigentliche Regulierungsarbeit in den speziellen Tian-Gong-Kursen »Regulierung von Fremdseelen«.

»Es gab niemanden, der mich verstand. Also fing auch ich an, an mir zu zweifeln und mich für verrückt zu erklären. Der Besuch bei Euch gab dann mir die Möglichkeit, die schwere Last der Zweifel loszulassen.« G. M., 2009

»Die Fremdseelenregulierungen waren sehr intensiv. Zweimal spürte ich, dass etwas von mir ging und wie ich klarer wurde.« M. L., 2010

»Die Augen meines Mannes strahlen wieder. Vorher war sein Blick eher stumpf. Meine Tochter ist mutiger und lebendiger geworden und kann wieder lachen.« J. M., 2010

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